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The Morehouses have given many years of service as President and Secretary of the Board of Directors of the Empire State Railway Museum. It has been over ten years for both of them super-involved in all things Museum and now they’ve handed
over their reins to others so that they can enjoy and carry on
with their lives. They both remain on the BOD and will continue
to contribute to the welfare and development of the Museum. Doris will continue as Gift Shop Manager and Dakin as Station Master, and both will continue as Mr. & Mrs. S.C.

August 27, 2017 at 2:00 p.m.

presentation by

Michael kudish
Local Author, Railroad Historian, Forester and Retired Prosfessor

From Hemlocks to Knotweed:

New Discoveries about the History and Ecology
of Hemlock in the Catskills

As the title suggests,
Dr. Kudish will talk about recent developments concerning the ecology of the hemlocks in the Catskill Mountains. He will use his own illustra- tions for documentation and easy understanding.


Come prepared for the book signing on August 27th! Copies of Addendum to “Where Did the Tracks Go in the Catskills?” are in.

Starting with the Hemlock’s arrival in the Catskills about 14,000 years ago, he will discuss their weird and cyclical nature with new ideas on hemlock ecology, He will also present some material on the five bogs which have lost their hemlocks during the hemlock “crash” and threats such as tanning and the wooly adelgid.

Michael will also introduce his newly published Addendum to “Volume IV of Mountain Railroads of New York State: Where Did the Tracks Go in the Catskills?” This 56-page Addendum contains 31 new maps and detailed text for cattle passes, charcoal kilns, quarries, logging lines, other industries, emergences from reservoirs, construction and relocations. A small reception will be held after the lecture and Dr. Kudish will answer questions and sign copies of the Addendum.
We are also taking orders for our October Guest Speaker John Ham’s new book “Along the Old West Shore: Weehauken to Buffalo” which will be out mid-September. Don’t miss out on this limited-edition volume which is the only book ever published about the entirety of the New York Central’s West Shore Railroad.
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Tom Pacheko, September 2 & 3

Info about this performance held in the ESRM Phoenicia Station Waiting Room can be found at flyingcatmusic.com